Name: Goopy
Age: 16
Any pronouns
Puerto Rican
2007 Taurus
Egogender Butch Lesbian

hello hello internet! my name is Goopy! i am the webmaster of FLOPPED.LOL! this website is my personal haven of creativity and archives! i love to share my brain goo with interweb users, and i hope you enjoy it too! you can use Viyan (that furry) to get back to where ye once came.

born in 2007, i am a 16 year old boy born and raised in the united states. since tadpol-hood, loved all things creative; drawing, writing stories, website making and injesting fun and creative content!

around the birth of tiktok in 2016, i was exposed to furries fully, and at the time i saw them as "cringe" (it was 2016, and i was 9)... but as a grew up and matured, i realized how fucking cool furries are. now i have aspirations to become a full-time fursuit maker!

around 2020, peak carrd season, i started to learn HTMLCSS to have cool carrds like all the other 14 year olds. one carrd user would often talk about "neocities" and how it was better. boy was he right! This need to learn html soon developed into an on-and-off fixation of mine, and i've had FLOPPED since 2022!

what do i like?

General sanrio characters, stuffed animals, pop culture deep-dives, psychology, my cat, fursuit making, musical theatre / drama, non-linear storytelling, horror-comedies

Music hip-hop, rap, pop, pov: indie, weirdcore, broadway / showtunes, alternative metal, vocaloid, nu metal, reggae, whatever sounds good

Games five nights at freddys, pokémon, puppet combo / torture star video, sonic the hedgehog, puyo puyo, splatoon, NiGHTS, roblox, stardew valley, and more i can't think of!

fun fact: i was gonna list movies and TV but i realized i only watch things if they’re with one of the above things listed. i have adhd LOL

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